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What Sets Us Apart

LFS is a feature rich, complete business automation system with emphasis on sales, distribution and customer service applications. LFS business software is written using MS Access®, Visual Basic and SQL Server.

What separates LFS from other sales and distribution packages is the ability to adapt it to your company's specific vision. Our business model gives you powerful enterprise software with the flexibility to tailor it to meet the unique business strategy that makes your business thrive. Have your own programmers do the work or have ours. No longer are you stuck between the value added reseller and the inflexible software bureaucracy putting up road blocks between your ideas and implementation. Our personal experience in the custom software business and accounting world puts us in a unique position to assist you with your business goals to create a solution that truly fits. If the cookie cutter approach to business software has just not worked, this is your answer.

LFS comes with a powerful contact manager application which is fully integrated with sales, inventory and accounting. It includes a seamless integration to Microsoft Word, document management by customer, integrated email and powerful management tools to provide superior customer service.

Putting it all together, a complete accounting suite, fully integrated sales order and inventory applications, extended features and an exceptionally easy and intuitive interface. LFS emerges as the true leader in customizable business software solutions.

LFS System Overview

For many companies, the standard out of the box software package is the right solution. But often, companies that pride themselves in thinking "out of the box" need a more flexible and responsive solution.

LFS meets this criteria. LFS is an intuitive, comprehensive, customizable, multi-user, and management focused information management system. LFS is written entirely in MS Access, and employs a relational Database Design.

LFS supports multi-company, multi-branch and subsidiary operations; multiple warehouse, multi-currency, multi-language operations, and support various types of transaction taxes (US Sales Tax, VAT, GST, Multiple Tax Rates).

The LFS application suite includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Credit Manager, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Inventory Control, RMA Tracking, and Contact Manager.

Foundation elements of LFS ensure the system adheres to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and meets the requirements of the strictest audits. The system is parameter driven for ease of installation and maintenance. The System employs the use of Data Drill Down technology throughout.

LFS System Features